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Article Are there any hidden costs?
There are NO hidden fees. We mentioned everything in our order form :)
Views: 2360
Article Can I cancel at any time?
You are allowed to cancel at anytime. We just ask that you cancel three days before your...
Views: 2444
Article Can I use this VPS for a VPN? Is tun/tap enabled?
The answer to both questions is Yes. A VPS with Karashost would be perfect for a VPN. Since we...
Views: 4548
Article Could you provide test IP?
1- Dallas, Texas - USA Datacenter :Test IP: Buffalo, New York - USA Datacenter...
Views: 4742
Article Do you allow Adult, Torrents, IRC, Proxy contents?
Yes, We do allow Torrents, IRC, Proxy and adult as well :)
Views: 2871
Article Do you offer a money back guarantee?
Karashost offers you a risk free money back guarantee. At any time in the first 24 hours...
Views: 2120
Article Is any support included with my VPS?
Yes, hardware and network support is included. All vps are 100% self managed by the client.
Views: 2256
Article What Is A Virtual Private Server (VPS)?
To put it simply, a Virtual Private Server (or VPS for short) is a method of splitting a...
Views: 2278
Article What payment options do you have?
1- PayPal & All Credit/Debit Cards 2- Payza (Formerly Alertpay) " We do accept PayPal,...
Views: 3623
Article Where is your data center?
We have SIX locations :1- Datacenter Located in Dallas, TX2- Datacenter Located in Europe, UK3-...
Views: 3494

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